Reading A YA PNR Book With My Sister :)

Hello again! Yes, I'm behind on reviews and yes, I should spend some time snooping around on here to see what's been going on.....but no, since I'm being lazy today but I'm actually on my computer anyway, I'm going to read a new book instead.


You all probably know how I feel about YA PNR books, right? Um. Well, if you don't, I have basically no respect for them at all. I think they have no imagination, they're cheesy and repetitive and predictable, they're all rip-offs of one another, and they rant a lot about insta-love that's actually just insta-lust.


In general. I might've read one or two of them that I actually thought were pretty good, but mostly I can't stand them.


.....So of course, I'm going to read one now. My sister and I haven't read any YA PNR books in a long time, so we're both going to try out a different one and see if things are any different at all in the genre. Also, we're bored, feeling critical, and we love to laugh at how ridiculous things can get in YA PNR.


So if you love the genre, don't read any of my upcoming posts! They'll most likely be resoundingly negative, and I don't want to upset anybody. :)


My sister'll be posting stuff about her book, too - I'm reading one called Existence, by Abbi Glines, and she's reading one called Sweet Evil, by Wendy Higgins. You guys probably don't know my sister 'cause she's pretty quiet here on BL, but if you're curious about her opinion of Sweet Evil, her BL blog is here: Curufinwë Spirit of Fire.


So, here we go! :) Let's hope this one's not as bad as I'm expecting.