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Existence - Abbi Glines

Also in the acknowledgements (Yes, I spell it with the old-fashioned E because it looks idiotic without it): 


The Paranormal Plumes:


Without this bunch of amazing authors I don't know where I'd be. They aren't just authors whose stories I adore but they've become friends I truly love. The advice, encouragement, last minute editing, and all other forms of support I get from this group is priceless.


Okay. First, I highly doubt the imagination of anyone who belongs to a group called The Paranormal Plumes, not only because it sounds silly but because it's obviously full of people who write YA PNR, right? As in, people who all basically write the same story over and over and over again and rip-off each other's stuff, they just add angels or vampires or mermaids or witches or some other kind of boring monster who takes the form of a gorgeous teenager.


And oh, by the way, Giles thanks her dad for teaching her to spin a story and doesn't thank him for anything else. Nothing about being a good dad or a good friend or any of that important stuff. (Can she even spin a story? Considering she jumped onto the YA PNR bandwagon, which doesn't take the ability to spin anything except a lust-not-love teenagery romance.)


And she thanked her mom for her support and for advertising her books to anything that moves.....which basically means she's thanking her mom for being annoyingly pushy and not for being a good mom or a great friend or any of that other important stuff......