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Existence - Abbi Glines

"Hate it, I mean, like hate it in a big way," Miranda grumbled as she dropped her lunch tray down on the table with a loud clank. "If I have to sit through Algebra and Chemistry all morning, you'd think that I at least could've a little eye candy in one of my classes. But noooooo! I get Gretchen with her relentless sniffles and Craig with his gas issues."


Wow, this Girl Friend A is a serious witch. Let me analyze that paragraph for a sec.


First, she set her tray down with a "loud clank". Wow. How much does that lunch tray weigh, thirty pounds?


Second, she reaffirms here that she has no life except for looking at pretty boys, and she has no use for anyone who isn't gorgeous. It's not Gretchen's fault that she has the sniffles or Craig's fault that he has gas problems, good grief! If Miranda came down with the sniffles, would she want people to say snide things about her behind her back?


Third, the girl obviously doesn't care about learning anything at school. Of course we can't have an intelligent female character, so we get the brainless one who hates learning and only cares about ogling good-looking boys.