The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood [ADV OF ROBIN HOOD] - Roger Lancelyn(Author) ; Hall,  Arthur(Illustrator) Green

I've read several versions of the classic Robin Hood story - at least four not including this one, and maybe one or two more. I've loved Robin Hood since I was about six or seven years old and watched the Disney, and honestly I've never come across a version that I disliked. No matter what they do to Robin, he always seems to come out of it okay in my eyes.


Maybe this is obsession, maybe not. Either way, through all my love for the legend that is Robin Hood, this version of it is by far my favorite. Roger Lancelyn Green's writing style is lyrical and smooth, and manages to take all the stiffness out of the somewhat formal old-fashioned dialogue. He also posed his book as a series of stories, so I can pick it up and just let it fall open and begin reading anywhere, and not be the least bit lost - but he did it while also keeping his timelines straight, and without completely separating each segment from those around it. He based a lot of the material here off of plays and such, which sounds like it would be choppy, but it isn't. It really is beautifully executed.


This book makes me smile; it is also one of only a handful of books I've ever read that actually made me cry. I reread it every few months - the edges of the pages are fuzzy and soft because they've been turned so many times - and it's always like coming home to an old friend.


If you're looking for a good Robin Hood book or an introduction to his legend, I really can't recommend any material more than this book.