City of Glass

City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare

Do you know what? I'm over it. When I spent several horrified hours reading about the truth of Cassandra Clare (or whatever she decides to call herself), I was angry, frustrated, disgusted and a little sad. I was unhappy to look back on these books and see them drop from 5-star ratings, to 1-star ratings.

I don't care anymore. If anything, I'm finding a grim kind of satisfaction in ripping up these 5-star ratings. It's good to know that even I can learn.

So, having researched a lot about Claire and her books, and having dutifully flicked through City of Glass again, I've noticed a few things. I already posted some of them in my review of City of Bones, but let me illustrate them here for you:

Clary- red hair. Ginny- red hair. Clary- main female love interest. Ginny- main female love interest. Clary- uses a wand stele to blow stuff up. Ginny- uses a wand to blow stuff up.

Jace- blonde hair. Draco- blonde hair. Jace- a serious jerk who treats everyone like garbage. Draco- a serious jerk who treats everyone like garbage. Jace- has an evil blonde father who was once a member of a racist group of bad guys (Downworlders). Draco- has an evil blonde father who was once a member of a racist group of bad guys (any non-pureblood).

Simon- dark hair. Harry- dark hair.

Maia- brown hair. Hermione- brown hair.

Alec- dark hair. Neville- dark hair.

Valentine- three-syllable name, begins with V. Voldemort- three-syllable name, begins with V. (You'd think V would be an uncommon enough letter that Claire would be able to change it easily, but nooooo, she wanted to keep her copycat name.)

Do you see? Those aren't the only similarities, look anywhere and you'll find them left and right. The plot is riddled with them. My point is that Claire was too lazy to even change little things like hair colors or wands.

And these are just the Harry Potter similarities, I'm not getting into the Star Wars or all the others she so blatantly stole from.

Okay. Now, as I was saying, I flicked through this book again today. I thought, if any of her books could hold onto at least a 2-star rating, it would be this one. This was my favorite of the series.

No. No, no no. The more I read, the more revolted I am by the entire thing. My list is endless, but here's a sample of the things I detest the most:

1. Jace/Clary incestuous romance.
2. Lazy, sloppy, repetitive writing.
3. Everyone has to be so special.
4. The books are 95% whining.
5. There are more holes in the plot than in Swiss cheese.
6. Pick a possible deus ex machina, it's in here.
7. Inconsistent characters/motivations/politics.
8. Inconsistent usage of powers.
9. Flat, senseless world-building.
10. A heartless, cowardly, sappy, selfish, stupid cast of characters.

11. Too many unnecessary and brainless similies.

I could do this all day...just imagine the rest of my list.

Clare has this habit of trying to make all of her characters unique. Special. The most powerful. Whatever. Every single one has to have a "tortured past" or a "dark secret" or a "power nobody else can wield.......or comprehend". You know, that stuff gets old after a while. Simon had to be the only vampire who can walk around in daylight, Clary had to be the only Shadowhunter who can create Marks, Jace had to be the only Shadowhunter with super-special blood, etc.

So many allegiances flip and flop in this book, it's unbelievable. A person can literally be a backstabbing quintuple-agent, or just decide to be a good guy, then a bad guy, then a good guy again, because he/she hears an inspiring speech or two. There's never the least motivation behind any of it.

Don't even get me started on the Marks. Again, even when I liked these books, I hated the Marks. They're never properly explained - no, not even an effort was ever made to explain them sufficiently - and the way they're used varies way too much. There are a hundred places in this book where I'll remember a Mark they used somewhere else, and be snapping at the characters to use it. They never do, because they're stupid.

Other times, they use a Mark that has worked perfectly in the past, and it has either no effect at all, or a different effect than we've seen previously.

Also, I think I've confirmed it for myself that Clare is as racist as her villain. These books would at least be the perfect opportunity to stand up for Downworlders and prove that human is human (Shadowhunters are just as inhuman as Downworlders, keep in mind), but instead, we reach the end of this book, and it seems distinctly like Downworlders are still looked down on. They have to scratch and scramble for every inch they can get, because those wonderful, heroic Shadowhunters think Downworlders are about as pleasant as creeping mold. Never, not even once, does Clare try to make it seem like the entire set of Downworlders are as heroic as those Shadowhunters. They're never praised as much when they do good, they're condemned when they do things half as awful as some of the Shadowhunters do daily, and even though they give pretty much everything to help in the end, that's just kind of ignored in the narrative. Everything the Shadowhunters give them, is given grudgingly.

Such wonderful people to look up to, no?

So . . . I'm finished. Finally, I'm finished. I want nothing more to do with this series or this author, ever again.