I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

I hate this book with a fiery passion. I rarely wish the pyre on any book, but this one deserves it. Or rather, its "author" isn't too far from deserving the pyre himself.....


Pittacus Lore, AKA James Frey, is a worthless liar, a louse, a greedy and snotty cheat, and just generally one of the worst examples of the human race you will ever find.

It doesn't matter to me now that I kind of enjoyed some parts of this book - the "author" didn't even write it himself. The book was never what I'd call good anyway, but the "author" didn't even write this book himself. And he gives no credit to the poor person who did.


If you want to see what all of those 5-star ratings are actually supporting, that worm James Frey, look here (and I hope you have a strong stomach):






Those are only one tiny tip of the iceberg, guys. Look around and you can easily find his condescending, sneering, holier-than-thou poison everywhere. I wish I could give this book zero stars.

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