Slam Dunk, Tome 3

Slam Dunk vol. 3 - Takehiko Inoue

I really don't understand why I like Sakuragi. I mean, he's a moron. He's one of the most thick-headed guys ever, in a variety of ways. He makes fun of overweight people. He's a lovestruck dunce. He's self-centered and egomaniacal to a degree I don't think I've ever seen before. He's violent and unapologetic.

But somehow, he still manages to be a character I enjoy reading about. If I knew him in real life, I'm pretty sure I'd hate him - but on paper he's awesome. He's just so funny.

Also, I'm not a sports fan. I just never have been. It amuses me when I watch the rest of my family screaming at the TV and punching the air and arguing about athletic skill and sports statistics. But you know what? I really love this. And not just for its humor, either - the characters are amazing, and I even love the sports aspect of it. I'm actually excited about their first game.

That's a new thing for me.

And I really love Akagi, okay? I don't think I said that before, but he's amazing. Their entire team, from what I've seen, is amazing. I'm still trying to memorize all their names and faces, but I think I love them all.