Slam Dunk, Tome 1

Slam Dunk vol. 1 - Takehiko Inoue

I'm not into sports, okay? I just never have been. I don't have a thing against them, but they've just never really caught my interest. 

And I've never liked high school stories. Maybe I've read too many YA PNR books and it's ruined the idea for me, or maybe I just never would have liked them anyway.

This, on the other hand . . .

This is adorable. It's adorable. It's exactly the kind of story I think I would ignore if I saw it on a shelf somewhere - because sports and high school - but I loved every page. I spent half of it laughing into a pillow. It's hilarious

Sakuragi is maybe the biggest moron I've ever met. He has no filters at all - he says what he wants to say, no matter how pompous or exaggerated or rude it sounds. When he's angry (dang it's easy to make him angry), he hits things - usually with his head. And he cries all the time. It doesn't matter whether he's happy or sad or dismayed or angry or in love or embarrassed or proud, there are always tears gushing down his cheeks. He also falls in love at a glance. He took one look at Haruko and instantly his entire reason for living is to impress her as much as he can. He's a moron, but he's adorable. He makes insta-love look sweet, okay? And I never thought I'd say that.

Haruko is precious. I really really love her. She's cheerful and friendly and, err . . . I don't know, upbeat? And she totally could wrap the school's entire male population around her little finger, except that she doesn't think that way. She's so awesome that she doesn't have to be super-strong or super-fast or be able to toss around twelve-foot behemoths to be awesome, if that makes sense. She doesn't have to be the best player on the team (or even be any part of the team at all) to be amazing. She can just stand on the sidelines and be awesome. She's my favorite character at the moment.

Oh, yes, and I love her brother. Poor guy.

The only thing that's odd about this is the art. Sometimes people's heads are drawn really small, and honestly they don't look like high school students, they're all musclebound brutes. But the style fits the manga so well, and it's not like the art isbad, it's just . . . unusual. And there's so much effort put into individual strands of hair, textures on clothes and backgrounds, and shading, it really brings the pages to life. I like it. A lot.