Karneval, Vol 4

Karneval 04 - Touya Mikanagi

Jiki is newly my second-favorite character, right behind Hirato. I must have a thing for guys with glasses . . . But anyway, I love Jiki, he's a hypocrite, but he's so awesome and so sweet and funny.

This volume was a little slower than those previous - more explanations and characterization and humor, and less action. I don't mind, though. I love these characters all so much that I could read about their boring, everyday lives (if their everyday lives were boring, which they aren't) and be happy.

Hirato also wasn't in this volume as much, unfortunately. I hope he'll come back in the next one. We do get to really meet Tsukitachi and his crew, though, and I've decided that I love Tsukitachi to pieces.

And I love Nai to pieces. He's a lot more intelligent and perceptive than people give him credit for.

And I love Karoku. Love Karoku. I don't understand why the fans don't like him, I think he's awesome. Maybe he's less awesome later on, once we actually get to see more of his history and personality> I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

And I love Gareki. And Eva. And Tsukumo. I wish Tsukumo was around more!

There are really only two things about this manga that bother me: the jumping around is first. Sometimes changes of time/scenery/POV are very abrupt and flick rapidly back and forth, and sometimes keeping track of everything can be hard because the panels don't really give you enough information. But I'm keeping up with everything so far - I think - so I can live with the jumping around. It's not as bad as it was in the first volume, anyway. Maybe it gets better later on.

The second thing I don't like is some of the artwork. Now, I love Mikanagi's artwork, it's absolutely beautiful. Some of the human proportions are odd, but overall it's just gorgeous. Especially the scenery, she does lovely scenery.

No. My problem is with the way some of the characters stand and pose all the time. I don't mean the Circus members when they're flying around with their cloaks swirling, either. I mean just a character standing in one panel not doing anything. Usually, irritatingly, it seems to be Gareki - the most stoic of the bunch. He leans backward and throws one hip out to the side and tilts his head, always posing. It's like Mikanagi concentrates more on making him look attractive than on keeping him in character, because with his personality it makes no sense for him to be posing like that. Other characters do it sometimes, too, but it either fits better with their personality, or they're being silly, like Yogi. I don't really mind those so much, it's mostly just Gareki's flirty stance that drives me insane. There's absolutely nothing flirty about the guy except for the way he stands....

Well, whatever. The manga, and this volume, are both awesome anyway. I look forward to finding the next one soon, so I can sort out some of these puzzles Mikanagi's thrown at me.

Oh, yes. And that cover is one of the prettiest things ever.

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