Karneval, Vol 2

Karneval, Bd. 2 - Touya Mikanagi

I'm so in love. I could post pictures and pictures and pictures of the characters and not get tired of it, but instead I'll try to say why I love them all.

First - Nai. Nai is such a sweet, adorable, lovable little darling. He can be really perceptive or really clueless. He looks like he's about twelve and he acts like he's four. He's the first to try and cheer up anyone who's sad or hurting, he's supportive without thinking about it, and he has a huge heart. He's just such a dear. And he cries - a lot. Whenever he cries, I want to reach down and snuggle and pet him until he feels better. When he wants something, he'll give you the huge puppy-dog eyes and twinkle earnestly at you, and you HAVE to give in. Love score: 10

Gareki is also a sweetheart. He's rough and sharp on the outside and he doesn't want people to know that he's a sweetheart, but he is. Whenever he does something nice, he either tries to shrug it off, or he hunches his shoulders and tries to disappear. He loves kids and animals, he's loyal and he cares about everything and everybody. Usually his temper comes out worst whenever he's embarrassed or shy, or when someone he cares about is in danger. I'm in love with this guy. Seriously. Love score: 10

Tsukumo is amazing. Just so amazing. She has this thing where she hates insects, and she doesn't want anyone else to have to deal with them (well, she doesn't want to deal with them either, but you know). And she loves Nai - a lot. She's quiet and thoughtful and just a really, really strong character. She's living proof that strong female characters can be sweet and girly and still be strong female characters. I don't know many characters of any age, gender, race, or background who are stronger than dear little Tsukumo. Love score: 10

Hirato - I love Hirato. Everything he does makes me bubble hearts. He's creepy and charming and calm and a total liar. He's such a jerk, but he's an amazing leader and he takes care of his people and he's just - gah. He's my favorite. I'm in love. I love him so much I can't even talk about him. Does that make sense? Love score: 10+++

Karoku is my baby. I love him to pieces. I can't say why here because of spoilers, but - he's my darling and I love him SO SO SO MUCH. Love score: 10

I will always want to beat up my past self for Yogi. She didn't like Yogi very much - I think she gave him a 7 love score. Pfffft. Yogi is one of my favorite characters ever. Ever ever ever. On a long list of hundreds of perfect characters, Yogi is near the top. He's silly and fun and noisy, he adores little kids and animals, and he takes care of everyone, no matter what. He fights to protect people even though he hates fighting. (He's also terrified of Akari-chan, for some reason I don't understand. <3) I could talk about precious Yogi forever, but I'd better shut up or this review will go on forever. Love score: 7

Eva is amazing. She takes the "tough girl" act to a whole new level, but without being a guy about it, if that makes sense. She has just enough of a mean streak to be really sarcastic and to whack people over the head when they annoy her, but she's still good. I hope she turns out to be a frequent character. Love score: 7

Akari-chan is.......perfect. Absolutely perfect. I laugh at the poor thing more than I think I laugh at anyone, and it's all Hirato's fault. <3 But seriously, Akari is - well, he's perfect. Read the manga and you'll see why. <3 <3 <3 Love score: 10

I don't know the other characters well enough to give them scores yet, I think - but these people are the main reason why I love this manga so much. The characters are amazing. The artwork and the plot are awesome, too - not that the plot has really gotten anywhere yet - but the characters. I just can't get over how much I love these people.

Oh, and Gareki's hallucinations of the Niji-Nai are just the most adorable things ever. Every time Nai gives Gareki the glittery eyes, Gareki shrugs him off, clenches his teeth, sighs, and trudges off to do whatever it is Nai wants. And you know what? I can see it happening to me. I'm really glad I don't live in the same universe as Nai, because I would have no free will at all.

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