Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 14 - Hiromu Arakawa description

Okay, I have a problem. When I look back over my other reviews for FMA, I notice that the words "awesome" and "incredible" and "cool" and "amazing" make up more than half the vocabulary. How exactly am I going to write a review without using any of those?

Like so.

Lex: "Fullmetal Alchemist is awe-"

Eddie: "STOP! You almost said it!"

Lex: "I love this cast of characters so much, they're all just so ama-"

Al: "STOP! You almost said it again!"

Lex: "I don't even know where to start. The plot, the monsters, the characterization, the humor, the battles, the powers, are all just inc-"

Winry: "STOP! You almost said it for the third time!"

Lex: "I want to be an alchemist! That would be sooooooo coo-"

Scar: "..."

(Lex: "Okay, maybe I'll just be quiet....yeah....")

Lex: "I love Arakawa's artwork, I love all the characters whom I didn't care for before - except stinking Hohemheim - and this volume threw a couple of nice curve-balls into the story. I was so stupid for trusting anything they said. HA! I assumed since it isn't a certain other story I could name, I could make assumptions. *facepalm* It was really, totally amaz-"

Riza: "STOP! Cut it out already, we're sick of reminding you!"

Lex: "Every volume just makes this series more inc-"

Al again: "Please stop? Brother's eyebrows are starting to twitch."

Lex: "I love the way Envy is drawn in these past couple of volumes. He's one of the nastiest things ever. I wonder - and I'm guessing not, but I do wonder - if the rest of the Homunculi have other forms as horrible and coo-"

Roy: "SHUT UP."

Lex: And what's with the alchemy? Is it the eastern thing? Because neither Al nor Eddie tried to draw an actual circle, maybe that would have helped. Either way, that plot twist is really interesting and awes-"

Entire cast of FMA characters: "STOP!!!"

Lex (irritated): Come on guys, how am I supposed to write a review about this series if I can't use words like awes-"

Entire cast of furious FMA characters:


Lex: "But-"

Eddie/Al: *claps*

Riza: *draws gun*

Winry: *hefts wrench*

Roy: *poises fingers to snap*

Scar: *..........*

Lex: "Agh. FINE, then. I give up. But I'll be back next volume."