Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 11 - Hiromu Arakawa Five easy stars again. If this series wasn't so awesome, I'd call myself repetitive.

I love Eddie and Al so much I can't really describe it. Seriously, they are one of the coolest duo's ever. I never ever get tired of them.

Mustang and Riza are another two favorites. They just get to be more and more awesome with each volume. They didn't even blow anything up in this one, and I'm still grinning like an idiot every time one or both of them walks onstage.

The other characters I haven't mentioned yet are also great. Envy is a super-mega-ultra-nasty-amazing villain. Lust was awesome, too. I'm not quite sure if she's actually dead, but she was awesome. Also, Gluttony is really really creepy. *shudders* Havoc is awesome. Scar is amazing. Pinako is awesome, and I just love Winry. And there are a lot more characters who belong on this list, but they weren't around in this volume so I'll talk about them some other time.

The characters I don't really like are: Ling and Mei. I don't dislike Mei, she just doesn't have much personality yet beyond random bubbling. The way she's drawn is cute though, and I love her little panda-monster. But Ling - I actually do not like him. Characters whose eyes are always closed irritate me for some reason - both in here and in Black Butler, there are characters whose eyes never/almost never open. It drives me crazy, they always look the same no matter what their facial expression is supposed to be.

Also, he's just plain annoying...

The only character I hate is Hohemheim, Al and Eddie's dad. I detest that man. He's whiny and sappy and ungrateful and self-obsessed. I think the only reason why Al doesn't hate him, is because he doesn't remember him. If H-man was like this way back then, Al would hate him, right?

Probably not. Al's too nice for his own good. And too forgiving. Unless he changes drastically very soon - or at least stays far, far away from me - I'm going to want to punch the pages a lot when I'm reading this manga from now on.