Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 09 - Hiromu Arakawa My initial thoughts on this volume seem to be a lot clearer than usual.

First, Eddie is still my favorite, although Hawkeye and Mustang are right behind him, and a bunch of the other characters are so awesome I can't believe I'm horrible enough to not love them best. (So sorry Al, sweetie. I do love you to pieces, though.) For the record, I love Maria Ross. I wish she was around more often.

Barry is...quite the character. He's so ridiculous he's funny, even though all he ever does is suggest chopping people to bits. I kind of want him to die, even though he's entertaining - I'm not sure why.

I refuse to believe that Roy actually toasted Ross. Actually, I'm surprised that any of these people, especially Al who is usually pretty perceptive, think Roy killed Ross. He's a State Alchemist, and he's Roy Mustang, for crying out loud. He's not going to snap his fingers and accidentally roast Ross to unrecognizable cinders. He's way too good at his job to be making those kinds of mistakes, I don't care how angry he is about Hughes.

Dental analyses don't mean anything. Maybe they made some fake teeth for her, or she tugged out her own real teeth and left them behind. Maybe the doctor was lying. There are a ton of ways that she can still be alive. I read too many mysteries. I won't believe she's dead and I won't believe Roy killed her. She'll be back.

Or she'd better be.

Nobody at the office has any faith in these guys, either, the dunces. They really think Hawkeye would just go on vacation at the drop of a hat, in the middle of this mess? Hawkeye? Does she seem like she'd do that? Did she say when and where she was going? No?

And after he supposedly roasted Ross and avenged his friend's murder, all the crazy stuff that's being going on, they actually think Roy is irresponsible enough to be using the military line to call his date? Seriously? After he spent all that time yelling at Hughes for that kind of thing?

The peons need to be more observant. Really, who trains these people?

Oh. I don't think I've pointed out yet that I love this series. At least if I have said it, I haven't said it enough. FMA is amazing.

But, this volume had one of the worst endings ever. EVER. I know Hawkeye's not dead, but if she's not okay either I will not be happy.