The Hourglass Door - Lisa Mangum It was better than Twilight; Evermore; Hush, Hush; Lament; Nightshade and a dozen other brainless YA books I've read. The main character wasn't as selfish and obnoxious as some, although she was still annoying to me. Dante was too perfect - too perfect - and of course he was a possessive creep, but he was still better than most of the losers in the books I mentioned above. At least he occasionally did give Abby her space.

The romance wasn't as insta-lovey as I've seen. It was still too fast, and still too much lust/not enough love in the romance, but again it was a slight improvement.

I could go on like this all day, about how it was slightly better than most YA books on the shelves...but I think you get the point. Also, it did have some serious problems that none of the above had.

The River made no sense. It was kind of cool in a way, and a really weird take on time travel, but the kiss thing? WHY? And the no-air thing anyway was silly - either you can breathe on the banks or you can't. And the double-directional-passageway Godhood thing was really annoying because - naturally - it made no sense.

Too many why's. Not enough answers. And way too much nonsense about Shakespeare, Dante's Inferno, and high school in general. Too much wandering around aimlessly.

The side characters were predictably bland throwaways, I can't think of one whom I actually liked. The villains were...nice? I mean nice, like "Oh, he helped me get my cat down out of a tree! Yay!" kind of nice. They were altogether too friendly and helpful.

None of the time travel/pockets of time/leftover time/glimpses of the future/headaches/paradoxes made any sense. And I know time travel NEVER makes sense, but it made less sense than usual.

I don't know. I think Magnum can write fairly well and she did a better job than most YA PNR authors, but she still has no originality. Maybe I'm just jaded. Maybe I'd have enjoyed this book if I read it as the first of its genre...