Winter Rose - Patricia A. McKillip This was the first of McKillip's books that I read. I was hooked by the second sentence. She is one of the most eloquent writers I've ever read; every word she puts down makes her books richer and more beautiful, no matter what it describes. I often find, actually, that I end up losing myself in the writing and forget what I'm reading about in the sheer lyricism of it. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad, but it's certainly no chore to go back and reread what I failed to notice.

If it weren't for Rois' sister, I'd have loved to give this book a 5. I loved the ghostly, dreamy, Nevernever Doorway feel to it...which is actually kind of why the domestic stuff annoyed me. It was jarring, and yes, boring. I got tired of hearing about Rois' sister (Lauren or Laurel--the latter, I think it was) mooning and pining, which was unfortunately a rather large portion of the book.

In short, I liked the book a lot.