Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 04 - Hiromu Arakawa This series is awesome. Really, really awesome. I think this is the fourth 5-star volume in a row, out of the four that I've read. A good sign, yes?

I mean it though. They're so hilarious in places, but they're not all jokes either. There are monsters and death all over the place. When people die, even if I didn't know them for long, I actually am upset that they're dead. I'm frustrated that I won't get to know them better. As oppossed to...a certain series I could name where I'm rolling my eyes at every funeral and wondering why people are sobbing.

And for the record, I'm really furious with these villains right now. Poor little Elicia...

And the characters. How on earth do people dream up such awesome characters? Seriously, I like Eddie and Al better with every page. And every other side character is incredible. I want them to be in the spotlight more. All of them. If any of these people die, I'm going to end up punching walls. That hurts, so please guys, live? For me?