Pandora Hearts, Vol. 10 - Jun Mochizuki This volume was really sad. Jun Mochizuki has a way of playing your heartstrings like an instrument. And bizarrely enough, no matter what she does, I always want to rush out and read more . . .

I don't blame Vincent for what he did - or what I think he did, anyway. I mean, it breaks the heart seeing Raven and Jack so . . . pained. I want to turn into a rampaging villain, too, and punish everyone who's hurting them. I don't like Vincent for it, but I can't really imagine him doing anything else.

Poor, sweet Raven. I love him more than ever. I love him so much I can't describe it here, and I have a limit of 20,000 words for this review. I'm glad he didn't shoot Oz's father. I think, no matter how angry Raven was or who was making him think murderous thoughts, when he snapped out of it he'd have hated himself for pulling that trigger. I don't want him to hate himself, so even though I loathe Oz's father, I'm glad he's still alive. Thank you, Break.

Jack is beautiful. Everything about him is beautiful. The way he talks, his facial expressions, his appearance, his moods and his personality. He's just such a beautiful character, I adore him.

I like Duke Barma, too. He's easily become another typically Pandora-Hearts-good character, although he's another one who can't appear on a panel without putting ten new whys into my head. I hope he's around a lot in future chapters.

I miss Alice. Our Alice. I know she's hovering at the edges, watching, but I miss seeing her in every panel. Jun knows what she's doing, though - even though I haven't a clue- so I have faith she'll come back.

I love Oz's scythe, that is so phenomenally awesome. The art on the thing is beautiful, and just the fact that it exists, and he can (and will) use it . . . it just adds a lot more to his already very colorful character.

On to the next volume. Thank you, Jun Mochizuki.