The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan Edit: I'm going to point out that this book is probably not worthy of the one-star rating I gave it. If I'd read it when I was eight years old and I never heard of Percy Jackson, I probably would have enjoyed it . . . but I hate it more than I should, because I loved Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Okay. I hate to shoot down my favorite authors, and Riordan is generally amazing, but I was far from impressed. This book was The Lightning Thief Jr., stamped into the dirt, painted with Egyptian pigments and wrapped up in pretty packaging. Every joke in the book fell flat or had been done before. The story was one-tenth as good as anything Percy was involved in. As to the mythology--aaaach.

The god of death was a friendly, charming, helpful pretty boy. When I think of him in mythology, I don't think of somebody young girls would be crushing on, and Riordan's interpretation of him as such was just insulting (and Egyptians, by the way, don't look lightly on death). Bast--you all know Bast, I'm sure--did nothing except stand around looking ridiculous, and crack bad jokes. Yes, I understand that this is a kids' book, but ergh. Percy and Company also belonged to the children's lit genre, and they went by without any of the cheesy plot, the bland characters, or the corny one-liners.

Okay, so Percy did have a few corny one-liners. But not half as many, and they seemed much fresher when presented in PJ&tO.

I can't go on or I might start ripping out hair. *sigh* I'm through with this series, and I hope Riordan continues to do better elsewhere.