Sojourn - R.A. Salvatore I liked a lot of this book more than I liked the first two in the series; Dove's party and anything to do with Kellindil or the barghest giants was cool. I liked how Drizzt evolved from the beginning to the end, he's as wonderful a character as ever.

However, I wish there hadn't been so much filler in between. Pages and pages of Drizzt musing about the weather, or guilt, or something else that really hasn't any bearing on the story. A few pages I can handle - he did it in Homeland and Exile a little, too - but goodness he stepped it up in this one.

All in all, I liked it just as much as its predecessors, and I'm very glad I read it. I'll continue on to the next Drizzt book at some point in the near future, after I've experimented with some new material for a bit.