Teckla  - Steven Brust I didn't like this one quite as much as the first two, but it was still a really good book. The humor was good, the action was good, the plot was good as ever. I have slight problems with it in that Vlad was great for about sixty-five percent of the book, and he annoyed me through the other thirty-five. Cawti I still don't like. I'm under the impression that the author was having romantic issues in real life when he wrote this book, because while I'm sure the emotions were incredibly well portrayed and very human, I wish I hadn't had to read them like that. When you love someone, you don't scare them out of the house because they can see in your eyes that you wanted to attack them. You don't contemplate slaughtering their all of their beliefs and their ambitions, and their friends, for any reason. I must have told Vlad fifty times to just listen to Loiosh, who was giving him good advice the whole time that he mostly ignored. (I love Loiosh.)

On the upside, I do see at the end that maybe, just maybe, Vlad and Cawti do have a little bit of actual love for each other, which makes me happy. If the book had ended differently in any way, I think it would have severely hurt my opinion of the thing. Unless Vlad actually killed Herth, which I was begging him to do for a hundred pages. That would probably have merited five stars from me.

Anyway, aside from these little issues, it was still a great book. I do love the twist at the end, and I'm very curious to see what happens next in the timeline. I also miss Morrolan and Aliera, and I wish Kragar would be in it more! Crossing my fingers for the next book.