Basilisk - N.M. Browne I just don't get this book. Even reading the description of it now, I think it looks awesome, like something I would pick up and adore. I don't see how it followed the description--mostly--and still crashed and burned so hard. The writing style was flat and cheap and colorless. The characters had no personality other than the fact that one of them swore a lot and the other one flinched when he did. The society they lived in was unoriginal and bland, and not worth the 100-plus pages the author spent describing every little facet of it.

This book was just flat. I'm sorry, but it had no flavor, no flare. It was boring as heck, much too long, and full of repetitive scenes and descriptions. I couldn't force myself to care about the characters, or their earth-shaking "dilemma". I just got tired of it all so quickly, it felt as if the author hadn't gone to much trouble writing this book. Even the ending was sawed-off and hasty.

I can't say I hate this book, because things that deserve my hatred must, by definition, have content in them that will trigger such a reaction. There was just nothing in this book that was worth the energy it takes for me to hate it.