A Job From Hell

A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends, #1) - Jayde Scott

This is one of the most boring books I've ever read, and it has one of the cheapest romances I've ever, ever encountered--and my shelves have an unfortunately large number of YA romances on them.

Amber and Aidan barely exchanged ten words throughout the entire book. Nobody had any motivation for doing anything that they did; the daughter of Hell was a good guy for no reason whatsoever; there were scenes where someone would be collapsed on the floor or chained to a wall, bleeding and so close to dead, and their friends would stand over them bickering for ten minutes instead of trying to help. The daughter of Hell was a good guy. All of the side characters were cardboard cutouts, like props on a stage, only present so the author could say she put them there. Amber was one of the whiniest characters I've ever had the misfortune to meet. And did I mention that the daughter of Hell was a good guy?


Yeah, no. Just no, okay?

Oh, and doesn't it defeat the purpose of being a vampire if

you can stand in the sunlight and don't need to drink blood?

(show spoiler)

What were you thinking, Scott, really? Why not make your characters some other kind of supernatural race....? (Answer: because vampires sell more than anything else.)

I just don't see the appeal of this book. I don't see how so many people give it 5-star reviews - just because you bought it for ninety-nine cents doesn't make this acceptable. I literally fell asleep a few times while trying to plow through it. The writing was flat and bland, the plot was all over the place and none of it made sense. The characters were abominable - I can't even decide which one I despised the most.


Ugh. Well, I suppose you can't win everything. I just won't be reading any more of her books, I suppose. I wish I could have back the hours of my life that I spent on this one.