The Girl Who Chased the Moon - Sarah Addison Allen I picked up this book at Goodwill when I had nothing else to read. I didn't hate it; I just didn't care for it. The description on the back promised me magic; all I got was wallpaper that occasionally changed, silver glitter that smells like cakes, and a mutant family where all of the men glow in the dark. Not enough of it was explained; they never even wondered why the wallpaper changed--not a spoiler, because it says that on the back of the book--or what happened with the MC's boyfriend or his family to make them...the way they were. It felt to me like the author had written an entire book and decided there wasn't much of anything in it, so she went back and patched on a few strange facts to try and make it more interesting.

Also, this book seemed like it wanted to be two books. There was the young MC, and then there was the older MC who owned literally half the book. Again, I didn't hate either of them; I was just bored by their antics, and irritated by the fact that they both wanted so badly to tell their own story. This book could easily have been cut in two, one for Julia and one for the protagonist. That would also have left more space for explaining the few things that actually interested me. Ah, well. We can't have it all, I suppose.