Into The Wild  - Erin Hunter Okay, so, I liked this book a lot when I first read it. I tried to reread it awhile back, because Hunter's newer books got repetitive and cluttered and annoying to me...and I couldn't read it again. I tried. I learned that I hadn't remembered a lot of the stuff in it--not the plot or the characters, which were fine, but mostly the cheap writing style and the cat-isms. "Meowed, purred, mewed, etc." instead of "said" was a bad one. And whenever there was a fight, the yowls and mrrows--in quotation marks--didn't to anything but break up the action.

My problem is that Hunter's writing gets better in later books, but she/they run out of ideas and fall back on horrible cliches, or they just repeat what's already been done. This means, of course, that I can't realy enjoy reading Warriors anymore, for one thing or another. That annoys me, because I actually really liked them at first.

I am, for the record, an insane cat-lover (insane about cats, not mentally unsound). I know that cats don't really meow at each other, and that cats actually will come begging to Twolegs for pets and treats, so a lot of the behavior in this book is solely introduced for plot devices...that's okay, I guess, but again, it's cheap.

I still recommend them, though. There are good points to the series, and as I say, I did enjoy them once. There is a reason why so many kids adore them; it's just lost its charm for me.