A Spell for Chameleon

A Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony

How can anyone, and especially any self-respecting woman, give this book plural stars? ASFChameleon is, without a doubt, the WORST book I've ever read. And I've read a lot of abominable books in the two years or so since I read this, so that's saying something.

The book was stupid, annoying, senseless, hopeless, stuffed with dumb coincidences and imbecilic ideas and so many phrases and paragraphs that were supposed to be funny. I hate it when an author slaps you over the head with his humor and says, "But look at this! Wasn't this funny? No? Then look again!" Anthony was so obsessed with his so-called "humor" - AKA cheap puns and overworked, flat jokes - that, even if any of them had had the potential to be funny, his attitude toward them ruined it.

Coincidences: I mean, there are blankets and clothing, boots and warm cookies growing off of trees - no, wait for it - just when people need them? There always happens to be a hidden entrance, or an exit, or the one thing someone overlooked that can be used as a tool. And the main character's name is Bink, by the way. BINK. Honestly. I should've put the book down when I first saw that on paper.

Not to mention Anthony hates women. Yes, I know people have said it before, but I take it personally. He not only beats women as a whole into the dirt, but he seems to have fun doing it. And he has no idea how a woman thinks or acts - some men are able to disguise this. Anthony doesn't even try. He leaves all his female characters flat and brainless, and constantly harps on the fact that if they aren't beautiful, they should be abhorred/if they aren't evil openly, they probably are underneath. I mean, GOOD GRIEF. I wasn't warned about this stuff before I read the book.

I wouldn't give this a star at all, except that giving it 1 drags its overall rating down. Ugh.