White Cat - Holly Black

So, I figured it's about time I read one of Holly Black's books. This one came out, brand new, shiny, and it had a cat on the front; I expected to love it.

I did not. I've heard recently that a lot of Holly's stuff shouldn't be in the YA genre, and I believe it. There was some nasty stuff in this book--but I do read my fair share of adult books too, so I could have handled that if the book itself was good. It wasn't.

The White Cat was slow and boring and completely tasteless. Cassie was a dumb rock of a guy whose narration usually made me think he was a girl, and I was missing something. Every little revelation Cassie gained throughout the book, I'd beat him to by several chapters. Most, if not all, of the characters were just cardboard cutouts going through the motions while dangling from Holly's puppet strings. They did things because she wanted them to, not because they, for any reason, might have wanted to themselves. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to actually stand up and do some curse working, but Holly just wasn't having it. I suppose she thought if she talked about it enough, people might get the impression that they were actually seeing it...but throughout the entire book, Cassie just stands around, mulls over obvious facts in his head, and watches what plot there was continue to swirl all around him without actually touching him.

Obviously, I did not care for this book at all.