Mistwood - Leah Cypess This book was very, very simple. Nothing spectacular about it, not writing nor story nor characters, nor even worldbuilding, which for a book with this description, kind of threw me off. I mean, the only background we get to Cypess' world is the whole Shifter thing, which, not to give anything away, completely crashes at the end and ruined the entire book. I can't even imagine what's in her next book, and I have no intention of finding out.

Elaboration on a few points: she killed off the only character in the book that I really liked. She stuffed the pages with too many lies and contradictions and backfiring loyalties to keep up with (unless you care about keeping up with it, I suppose, which I didn't). There wasn't enough magic, or action, or mystery to the book--yes, I know I just said that I didn't keep up with it, but that was from too many knots and trip-over-the-branch points, not from a good, twirling mystery. Cypess' characters were flat and flavorless, the romance was unsuitable and horribly predictable, and the ending seriously annoyed me.

I didn't hate the book. It just didn't have enough to offer me.