Fool Moon - Jim Butcher This was definitely a good book, if not quite as entertaining as the first one. It was refreshing to see werewolves actually portrayed as monsters, rather than pretty boys with gelled hair (this is not only a cheap shot at Twilight, for the record--it's for garbage like Nightshade and 13 to Life, too. Jim Butcher's werewolves are far superior. And yes, I know those books are all YA. They can still be nasty and monstrous without being a gore-fest.)

But the thing is: while man-wolves are admittedly and horribly cheesy, the old werewolf mythology did revolve around it. There are a handful of different werewolf varieties in Fool Moon, and not even one of them had the decency to reflect that? Not even in a passing phrase?

Oh yes, and it was slightly lame that he felt the need to throw all of his werewolf types into this book at the same time. Bit of a ridiculous coincidence, don't you think?