Chalice - Robin McKinley

Reading this book was a little like listening to a long, rambling story, I suppose. I could kind of curl up and feel warm and fuzzy and absorb the gist of the story while I was reading it, without really absorbing every word as it came at me. Once I finished the book, all I really had were impressions, more than details.


Most of the book was just mood setting - there wasn't a lot of characterization or humor or anything for me to really grasp. I mean, okay, I liked the characters, but there wasn't a lot to them. Not even the main character, and I spent the entire book in her head, you know? And I liked the world-building, even though it was so big and grand that I think a little more clarification of it might've been warranted. (Kingdoms and religions and world history and such were neatly breezed over, leaving me - again - with just impressions.)


So if you want tons of details about fantasy-related stuff like magic and monsters and world-building kingdom stuff, maybe stay away from this one. But if you like reading about bees and beekeepers (actually most of the detail in the book was focused on the bees, I think) mixed in with a little bit of magic and fantasy, you'll probably love it.


I don't know, I did like this book. Really. I don't think it's the kind of book that I'll remember for long, and I don't think I'll ever go back for a re-read, but I still liked it for what it was.