Pandora Hearts, Vol. 07 - Jun Mochizuki This can't end. It can't. Ever. I need it to go on forever, so I can keep reading and being awed and falling in love and laughing and crying forever.

What can I even rant about? I could plaster every bit of dialogue and a gallery of pictures and a mile of random fangirling in my review space here, but it wouldn't describe by a long shot how much I adore this series.

I'm officially in love with Jack now, as well as everyone else. He's incredible, and he'd better keep reappearing or my heart will break.

Oz is soooo sweet. Raven and Alice, and everyone else, are so lucky to have a friend like him. I just want to give him a hug.

Speaking of, I loved the last volume too, but I'm so happy that Alice and Raven were both back in this one! Alice is adorable, she makes me laugh every time she gets that confused look on her face. It's amazing, too, how every incarnation of Alice is always awesome. It's unreal.

And poor, sweet Raven. He really should have gone to bed early, because he's the cutest and most embarrassing thing when he's drunk. He should go fight some monsters or something instead - I'll fangirl just as much, and laugh a lot less.

Break is Break. He's perfect, of course. But I want people to stop beating on him, because it makes me want to rip their heads off.

I love Cheshire, too, all of a sudden. He was great when he appeared before, but he's....I don't know, getting cooler?

And true to form, this volume ends on a teasing note. It's like having a carrot dangling in front of a donkey's nose, and guess who's the donkey? It's daring me not to pick up the next one immediately.

...I'm awful at dares...