Pandora Hearts, Vol. 09 - Jun Mochizuki Edit: I'm changing this review because it was brought to my attention, and I reread it, and I don't like what it says.

For the record, Elliot is one of my favorite characters ever. Ever. And I have a long list of favorite characters. He's adorable and sweet and brave so brave. Too brave. *cries* and good to a fault. I will never ever see a picture of Elliot smiling and not find myself smiling back at him. I'll never be able to see him hurt or unhappy or afraid without bursting out in literal tears. Or crying when he's smiling, actually. I never get tired of staring at the expressions on his face, analyzing them and laughing at them and, yeah, crying. Pandora Hearts does that to me. But seriously, I adore Elliot in every way. He's perfect. I look back now on the fact that there was a time when I didn't adore him, and I'm really disgusted with myself.

And aha, I was so stupid. Looking at what I wrote about Leo, and Jack, and Elliot, and everyone, is just....oh, wow. I was so naive.

So, I just had to correct that little stupidity of mine. Here's the original review:

Two major things happened when I read this volume: I decided that I really love Echo, and I decided that I actually like Elliot.

Echo was so sweet at the festival, I just had to love her then; and I feel so bad for her. Her existence makes me kind of hate Vincent, which I really don't want to do, since he's a seriously cool villain. It took me like, five minutes of flicking back and forth between pages in confusion before Echo's...what, alter ego? started to make sense. Once I got it, I decided it's a really awesome plot device and there are a thousand things Jun could do with it, but I hope poor Echo comes out of it okay in the end...

I'm not so sure why I like Elliot. Maybe it's just because of the look Oz gets on his face whenever he's talking to the guy nowadays. Maybe it's because he made Oz feel better once before, so I've forgiven him all the shouting and snapping. Maybe I just like the fact that he's not like anyone else. I don't know. But I'm glad he's around, anyway.

I like Leo, too. He's different, kind of unassuming. Bizarrely, and this has nothing to do with the name, he reminds me of Reno from the original FFVII game. He kind of has the quiet, leaderly slow-walking not-quite-a-leader thing going on, but he's obviously nicer than Reno. Anyway. I can hear the Turks tune playing every time he appears on a panel. Kind of creepy.

Jun, you're hurting Raven again! Nooooo! *heart cracks*

And Break! Nooooo! *heart splinters*

And Jack! Nooooo! *pieces rain on the floor*

Anyway, I still have five thousand itching questions from coming to the end of this volume, so I need to read the next one - as soon as possible.