Pandora Hearts, Vol. 08 - Jun Mochizuki I'm starting to sound like a broken record in these reviews, but let me begin with the obvious:



Because it's mysterious, it always keeps me guessing. Half the time, when I make a guess, I'm wrong. Because it's full to the brim with amazing characters whom I can't help but love, even when they're driving me crazy. When Oz is unhappy, I'm unhappy with him. When Raven's angry, I sympathize. When Alice is determined to get something done, I cheer her on. When Break smiles, I smile back at him. Whenever Jack appears, I want to clap my hands. Whenever Vincent is wandering around being enigmatic, I stare really hard at him and try to figure out why.

The list goes on. It's not short.

I love these guys, though. They're amazing. When Break insisted that it was okay to hate him, I just scoffed and warned the others to not take him up on it, because then I'd be angry with them all. When they grabbed him and paraded him away, I was sitting here laughing at them all.

I wonder what Alice would do if one of these crazies tried to tickle her? I bet it wouldn't be pretty.

Jun Mochizuki's art is amazing. It's so gorgeous it hurts. And it's manga, it's not supposed to be realism, but I swear I feel like I'm standing right there with these characters when I'm reading about them.

Ahh, okay, I can't add my usual line about going on to the next one, because I kinda sorta already read it. I can, however, go rant some more about how much I love this series. . . .