Pandora Hearts, Vol. 13 - Jun Mochizuki I can see the series starting to twist again; it's getting darker and even more melancholy. The first main character to die, dies in this volume. Apparently...

I loved the history between Eliot (Elliot) and Reo (Leo) that was described here. It really deepened both their characters, and it made me like both of them a lot more. Elliot shouts and snarls a lot, which really annoyed me way back when, but I actually like him very much now. - as opposed to my tentative "I think I kind of like him" that I put in one of my other reviews. He's an amazing character, right in with all the others. And Leo has more facets to his personality now, too - it's nice to see him in some different moods, and his devotion to his job - his master - is at once sweet, and really, really scary.

Poor Break, I hate how the entire world seems to want to drag him down. I'm so afraid he's going to die; in my head I'm grasping at any straw I can find, any infinitesimal sign that tells me he's going to live. . . .

And Raven, the same again. Sweet, naive, loyal Raven. I can practically see Death sneaking up behind him. Some of the other characters have already . . . well, died, I suppose, in one way or another . . . but if Raven or Break die, I'll probably throw my computer monitor across the room and stamp on it, or something. I just want them to live.

This is just random begging, pathetic, I know. It has nothing to do with the actual review.

Ahhhh, okay, here goes then:

I loved this volume to pieces. The atmosphere and the characters and the art are all beautifully done, and I'm thrilled to finally know some more about the Baskervilles. I can't wait to read what happens next.