Knights of the Silver Dragon Gift Set

Knights of the Silver Dragon Gift Set (Knights of the Silver Dragon) - Matt Forbeck, Ree Soesbee, Linda Johns, Dale Donovan Okay. So, these are DND-based books. That basically means that I have to practice swallowing cheese and my Ultimate Suspension of Disbelief talent before even getting started. It means I have to be prepared for everyone, monsters and adults and children all, to be very juvenile and to use a lot of modern-tinted language. (Why is that? I mean, I get that modern-day geeks play these games, but must all people who run around with swords use such 21st Century phraseology? It's just awkward and senseless to me.)

Taking all of the above into account, I didn't think these three books were bad. Childish? Yes. Full of cheap humor? Yes. A waste of my time? Probably. But they were mildly enjoyable all the same. The second book was the best by far, since it actually had more of a plot than the other two.

What annoyed me the most, I think, was the lack of action. I mean, they are board-game/video-game books, right? About monsters and magic and ancient legacies? I was expecting them to be full of action, like most DND books that I've read tend to be. They weren't, most of the content--they aren't long books--was talking and vague characterizing and wandering around in aimless circles. Every book dropped one token fight scene in the last couple of pages, though, and somebody always cast at least one twinkly spell.

So, would I reread them?...No, probably not. But they don't leave a bad taste in my mouth, either. Would I recommend them?...Maybe. For children who don't mind modern-day-infected sword-slinging books that don't actually have any action or thought-provoking plotlines in them.

Not bad, not offensive, just a bit dull. I don't know, go ahead and read them if you like. Give them to younger kids and they'll probably love them. They just aren't exactly what I usually choose to pick up.