Urban Legend - Azuki Ryou I'm still suffering from Pandora Hearts withdrawal, so I've played around with a number of manga in the last couple of days, reading a few chapters here and there in an effort to find something as good as Jun Mochizuki.

This is the first one I've found that grabbed my interest right away. The artwork is pretty - some of the characters' designs look sadly similar, but the faces and expressions and scenery are really well done. But it was the story, more than anything else, that made me want to keep reading.

The main character's name is Kishimoto Kiyomi. I like her. She's not weak, she's not entirely stupid, and I can really see her becoming a great character in future volumes. Her boyfriend's name is Takasugi Santeru, and he's . . . interesting. I'm not quite sure what to make of him yet, but I don't dislike him, anyway. I would name the rest of the characters in the first volume, but a lot of them get dusted early, so maybe not.

It's a little disturbing, really; the cover art is pretty and glowy, but trust me, the story is darker than that. People think Santeru is a reincarnated serial killer, and all evidence points to it. There's lots of grim psychological food here, weird questions about life and death and murder; but there are some sweet scenes, too (although they might seem less sweet in retrospect).

I'm really looking forward to reading more of this.