Pandora Hearts, Vol. 16 - Jun Mochizuki When you're trying to write a review on GR, there's a white box, and above it, there's a little question asking, "What did you think?"

I don't know what I thought. Aside from a sense of total, all-consuming adoration, I'm entirely lost. I thought it was suspicious that Alice and Lacie have all the same letters in their names, but I'm still confused on a thousand and two fronts. I can't believe everyone but Oz seems to want to destroy Alice, this is so unfair. Why can't they all just love her as much as I do, and get over it?


This volume was expectedly sad. It started out on a lighter note and immediately I thought, "Uh-oh."

I hate seeing Vincent and Raven at each other's throats. I love that Break, even though he's still . . . damaged . . . is regaining a bit of his sense of humor. I adore Sharon and Eques. I love Alice, and Oz, and Vincent and Echo, and yeah, I love Leo, too. He has so much personality, and I'm glad to see it, even though he still confuses me.

I also love Rufus, bizarrely enough. I didn't want him to be a good guy because it didn't suit him, but for all I know he could be some kind of strange backstabbing triple-agent, so it's too soon for assumptions . . . anyway, wherever his allegiances lie, he's awesome.

On the same note, I don't want Jack to be a villain!! He'd be beautiful either way, of course, but his eyes are too soft and he always looks too angelic. Yes, I know, that's generally a bad sign, but still. They had better not be leading him down the path I'm seeing, or I'll have to cry some more.

It occurs to me that the further my reviews go in this series, the more spoiler tags I put in them. I should rant about something less spoilery, like the art.

Don't listen to my silent rant. Just look at the cover. You'll understand.