Pandora Hearts, Vol. 15 - Jun Mochizuki This volume is just heartbreaking. I know I keep saying that, but really it was.

Look at Vincent's smile. Doesn't he have the sweetest, most disarming smiles when he wants to?




But look at what he's saying while he smiles so charmingly:


Beneath that sweet smile is one of the most evil and twisted minds ever created. Trust me.

Vincent loves Raven so much, it's the sickest and the dearest thing ever, all at once. (Raven is so clueless.) I hadn't figured out until this volume just how far that love goes. "Killing in the name of love" doesn't describe it adequately.

Vincent is awesome, there's no way I can say it better. He's one of the best villains I've ever encountered, and his character is one of the deepest and most thought-out from the first page, all the way up to this point. He's such a masterpiece.

This entire series is such a masterpiece. I wonder how much of it Jun had planned out from the beginning, and how much she's improvised along the way?

I loved Elliot so much by the end of this volume.


Elliot, if you're really dead, rest in peace.

Yes, I cried. This panel did it all:


Look at his face. Look at his face. This is the guy who spent an entire volume railing against honor and compassion and self-sacrifice when he first appeared. And look at him now - smiling as he lets himself die, just so that Oz won't have Elliot's blood on his hands.

It's just . . . so sad. And so bittersweet. Even if I hadn't loved him before, I would now.

This volume also explained a lot, and as usual, shot down several of my speculations. I never thought Leo would become such an important piece of the puzzle. (Shows what I know.)