I'm back, more or less. :) I'll admit that all the GR stuff going on made me sick of the internet for a while, but I finished the book I was reading and now my refuge is gone - it's time to hunt for a new book again. Updates:


I had a bad dream two nights ago about Slam Dunk - Akagi got injured and for some reason Haruko was made team captain, and then Rukawa got hurt during the game somehow and wouldn't tell anyone, and Sakuragi was being an idiot and Haruko practically won the game all by herself.....though don't ask me how, my subconscious isn't that great at retaining random improbable basketball maneuvers. Anyway, I've concluded that I'm suffering from Slam Dunk withdrawal, so I need to read more of that. Soon.


Written in Red was good. It had a lot of flaws and there was some stuff that was so stupid I wanted to laugh at it, but overall I definitely enjoyed it. I'll have to write a review here pretty soon.


I'm so sorry for neglecting you!! D:


Oh, and my cat is the sweetest thing. He sends his love to everybody. <3