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Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma

So far, here are some things about Ruby that I hate - in no particular order.


-She will look right past people who are talking to her and ignore them, and even talk to someone nearby who wasn't talking to her, just because she has no use for anyone other than her sister.


-She's late for work all the time and acts like there are no consequences


-She drives with the gas pedal to the floor and turns off her headlights in the middle of the night while there is someone else in the car with her. Not only does she have a death-wish, but she expects other people to trust in her sanity, to put their lives in her reckless hands.


-She lies all the time. Obviously.


-She's condescending to everyone, even her sister, but Chloe still worships her like a goddess. And Ruby doesn't correct her.


-She treats everyone in the world like dirt except for her sister, who she treats like slightly more interesting dirt. And she still expects them to love her for it.


-She scoffs at responsibility, living off other people's work and effort and being gleeful when her stupid actions have no immediate repercussions.


-She somehow got the cosmetics store to hide her favorite shade of lipstick behind the counter so no one else can ever use it.


-She's brainwashed the entire town into loving her, she manipulates and mangles them in pretty much every way.


Really though, at this point, even if (when) Ruby turns out to not be human, I'm going to hate her. Nobody has the right to act like this. No one who acts like this deserves my respect or anyone else's.