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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

First, the part where Blue is daydreaming about the ancient king and says she "would be able to lay her hand on his sleeping cheek and feel a centuries-old pulse"? Why didn't she say throat instead of cheek? Because if you're looking for a pulse, the throat or wrists or inner elbows or PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE is better than the cheek.


Second, Adam's story about going to the cashier with ravioli and not having enough money on his mom's card? Um, no. First, I heard that it was CANS OF MICROWAVE RAVIOLI, okay? And then, later on the same page, Stiefvater tried to tell me that it was BOXES.


Cans. Boxes. Not the same thing. Get your facts straight, Stiefvater.


Also, what the heck is up with Noah? Could he even be more useless? I'd be happier if it was just a trio of raven boys and Noah was left out of it - although I suspect he's going to have some weird backstory explained pretty soon. Really hoping he doesn't have any silly supernatural ability, 'cause that would be horribly cheesy and convenient.


The reason I haven't read much recently, by the way, is because there was a minor crisis with my e-reader. It's all fixed now and I'm back on track. :)