Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol 3

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 3 - QuinRose

Quality-wise, I'm still not sure how many stars this deserves - but for the characters alone I'd give it five, because I love them to pieces. I'm taking away one for the lack of a serious plot and lack of eyeballs, but I really think I should give the first two volumes a bit of a star-boost.....this series really is very enjoyable, despite all its faults.


And I AM SO GLAD THAT JULIUS IS OKAY. I never wanted to hit Blood until that panel where Julius up. Where you can see that he knows it's over. ;____; Poor baby.

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This series isn't a masterpiece of any sort, it's not really exciting or romantic or mysterious or anything, but I really like it anyway. Mostly for the characters. So, I'm looking forward to the next volume, and I'm already wishing there were more of them.....