Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol 5

Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 5 GN - QuinRose

I'm afraid I already knew all the "revelations" in this one, but I still enjoyed it.


Alice's various gowns on the chapter-opening pages were beautiful, I'm a little disappointed that the artist deliberately chose the simplest one for her to wear to the actual ball. It seemed lazy.


Oh, and I don't understand why Julius would hate crowds and drinking, but then stand next to Ace, of all people....? I mean, Ace is as noisy as a crowd all by himself, and I have a feeling that poor Julius could get drunk just by watching Ace gulp down all that alcohol. (Not that Julius wasn't adorable when he was drunk....but oh, I felt so bad for him.....poor baby.)


Blood has been my favorite for a while, and I liked seeing him being nastier than ever in this volume - although I love it when he's not so nasty, too, like he was in the rose garden. And I adore Vivaldi, she's epic. I was so glad to see more of her in this volume.


And Ace looks so sweet in his white suit. I love his black clothes, his red coat and his bloody cloak, he always looks awesome no matter the situation, but he's both more adorable and a heck of a lot scarier when he wears that white suit. Ace scares me, okay? More than Peter or Blood or the twins or anyone else. I love Ace, but he's completely insane. There's just no getting around the fact.


Peter is still despicable, whiny, petty, and selfish. I despise him. Still waiting for him to die a painful death, but unfortunately, since there's only one more volume, I have the sinking suspicion that my wish won't be granted.


Looking forward to the next one anyway. I'm enjoying this series a lot.