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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Is it the dumbest thing ever for the Dauntless to have no rails on their high-up, crooked pathways? I mean, think about all those little ones who are born into this idiotic faction - babies who have to learn to crawl and then toddle along without slipping and dying. WHY would anyone ever, EVER do that to children, just so that they can keep their thrills? How heartless are these people? -___- (Also, may I mention that not all of these children will grow up to be brave? What if they have an incurable fear of heights? I suppose the Dauntless wouldn't tolerate it - they'd kick the kid into the street and disown him, wouldn't they? Or try to force the trait out of him, like they have any right to change who he is?)


Also, that little part where Tris wonders if all the elderly Dauntless are kicked out when they can't jump out of trains anymore? WHAAAAT? I just.....I can't even describe how sick that is. Even if it's not true, the fact that she can think it, that these people have done nothing to contradict the idea, makes me feel ill.


And this dude - Four - I'm guessing that he was Divergent, and had four factions to choose from. I don't even know if that's possible, but how the heck else would he end up with a stupid name like that? (First impressions: I don't like him. At all.)