Warning: Probable Side Effects From Reading Divergent

Divergent - Veronica Roth

-Lots of ranting/complaining


-Being too furious/headachy to sleep


-Losing faith in humanity. Repeatedly


-Regular dictionary checks of the word "bravery"


-Constant disbelief that the author never bothered to look it up and see what it means


-Frequent urges to throw the book/e-reader at the wall


-Wishing for the ability to reach into the page and strangle the TSTL MC


-Annoyingly accurate predictions of the plot "twists"


-Desperate searching for a character to root for


-Despair when the realization sets in that there isn't one who's worth your time




If you don't want to suffer most/all of the side effects listed above, plus several more, it is strongly recommended that you avoid Divergent like the plague. Thank you.


Have a wonderful day.


(I swear, I'm not normally this negative. But this book gets on my nerves, okay? I'll try to be nicer next time....)