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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Ohh, so now Tris learns that "it's not a real gun". But she thought it was funny before!


And I love this quote:


"It's not a real gun," says Lynn quietly. "It's got plastic pellets in it. The worse it'll do is sting her face, maybe give her a welt. What do you think we are, stupid?"


Um, yes, Lynn, actually I DO think you're stupid. All of you. Especially since Tris was laughing before she was told that the gun is fake.......does that reinforce my point any?


Also, it's not a real test of Marlene's bravery if it's not a real gun, so what's even the point?


(Side note: I see the little tiny FFVII Marlene in her pink dress, bouncing happily around on her dad's shoulder, and I'm shocked at how much nicer that image is than anything in this whole book....)