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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Whyyyy is Tris being such a witch? She's acting like all her friends have tried to stab her in the back, like they've been snapping at her and making snide comments at her and insulting her heritage.


They have NOT been. They've been unusually quiet. Nothing else. In fact, Will even tried to HELP her at one point. But now Tris is hiding from them, ignoring them, and thinking vicious, petty thoughts about them.


And even though she's doing this, she says she "doesn't need them". But then, because her selfishness hasn't reached the all-time high yet, she adds that MAYBE SHE "WANTS" THEM.


Like they're some spare shoes she might find useful someday. Like they're a stuffed animal on a shelf that she wants to buy. The silly, greedy girl is acting like they're her property or something, like if she wants to have them, they're hers. The others have no choice in the matter.


If their friendships fall apart, it won't be the other kids' faults. It'll be hers, okay? And actually, I wouldn't blame them for dumping her.