Reading progress update: I've read 268 out of 307 pages.

Divergent - Veronica Roth

So, Marcus might be a horrible, cruel, evil person, but he volunteered to come and help Tris save the world. She needs all the hands she can get, right? And as far as she knows, he's not planning to betray her or cause trouble or anything.


But when he almost falls off a roof, she stands by and watches others try to haul him to safety, and she wishes that he would die. 


SERIOUSLY, girl? You wish death on your allies now? I just.....I can't even......


Isn't she supposed to be the hero? The girl we all root for?


All she ever does is praise herself, call herself brave and selfless, and whine and spit hypocrisy through page after endless page of this book. I want her to die, and I imagine that's not what I'm supposed to be feeling. Ugh. I'm sorry, but she's a witch. The vile, evil, twisted kind who give children nightmares. The kind that a white night needs to come along and dispose of, for everyone's sake.