Slam Dunk, Tome 12

Slam Dunk vol. 12 - Takehiko Inoue

No Mitsui in this volume, which makes me sad, but it's still hilarious and awesome. You wouldn't believe how much I adore these characters. Even the opposing team is seriously cool....which makes it a little difficult deciding who I want to succeed. I mean, I'm rooting for Shohoku, of course, but sometimes it makes me happy when the other team pulls ahead. It shows you just how good they all are, and how well they work together, you know? And I love that each member of each team has their own strengths and weaknesses. I could see how easy it would be to make all of them invincible, but they're not - I'm getting pretty good at predicting which maneuvers will get past which player.


Although that tactic - giving Sakuragi a weaker opponent so he'd keep missing - hahaha. I didn't see that one coming. That would only work against Sakuragi. Their coach is a genius.

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I can't believe how good the art has gotten in this manga - it's come a long way from the first volume.


Oh, and one final note: this is the first volume of Shohoku vs. Kainan, and it's exciting.