Page 87

Loveless, Volume 1 - Yun Kouga

I don't get why Ritsuka thinks it's okay for Soubi to march in here, inform him that being a sacrifice is very painful, and then demand that Ritsuka do it anyway. NO ONE TOLD RITSUKA WHAT WAS GOING ON. NO ONE EVEN ASKED HIM TO DO THIS OR GAVE HIM A REASON WHY.


....Because if he does it, Soubi will tell him who killed his brother? Pfft. If he was a good person, he'd do that anyway. It's just stupid for him to slap all this onto Ritsuka's shoulders for no reason. And stupid for Ritsuka to think it's okay. And stupid for Ritsuka to be pitying himself again. I swear, every time I start to actually like the guy, he says something selfish or stupid or offensive, and then I dislike him again. It's not fair.