A Note to Followers

Hey guys. :) I just want to point out that if I ever get annoying to you, don't have second thoughts about unfollowing me, okay? I know I can be opinionated and pretty brutal, and those are two traits that often have me disagreeing with the public/my family/pretty much everyone at large. I even annoy myself all the time sometimes. So I don't want you to hang out here and force yourself to read my posts or anything, okay? If you enjoy hearing my complaints and rants, then yay and I'm glad to have you around, but if you don't - go and find someone else to follow who'll make you happier, because I don't want to think of any of you getting headaches because of me. I'm a horribly selfish person and stuff like that makes me feel guilty, and I hate feeling guilty. So.....yeah. Chin up! :D


Oh, and I love all you guys, no matter how much we may disagree. By the way. G'night! :)